LCD digitizers, displays, screens …

Why new LCD digitizers, instead just a screen for your smartphone?

If you have a broken screen on your smartphone, installation of it in most cases require to take off the screen from LCD display, and in most of the cases this will damage LCD. LCD( Liquid Crystal Display) is super thin, fragile computer monitor and without it – you wont be able to see anything on the phone.   That’s why usually its better to replace the whole LCD digitizer / LCD display/ because its easy and guaranteed better quality of your phone.

With some phones are easy to replace the screen, but for most devices – its very, very difficult to to it. And we recommend everyone, who has broken screen to be well prepared before try to replace himself, or consult with professional service provider. We do not provide training.

Smartphone front panels consist usually few parts:

  • Digitizer  – or front glass
  • The digitizer flex cable or cables – should be attached to the glass
  • LCD display unit
  • A frame
  • Additional cables between LCD, digitizer and the phone

Market offers variety of solutions – with or without frame; only front glass, etc. And what you need and what is the best in your case varies, based on smartphone /cellphone model you have.